ORCHARD PARK, NY — Another round of severe weather is expected in WNY Sunday -- exactly what folks in the Southtowns don't want after a tornado touched down there two days ago.

On Draudt Road in Orchard Park, the tornado tore the roof off a garage. Luckily there were no injuries. Still, there's of damage that needs to be cleaned up, such as insulation and shards of wood. In Orchard Park and Hamburg, there's a coordinated effort to clean up hundreds of damaged trees.

"We probably got about 80 trees down in the woods, we're probably talking a couple years to get all those cut up," said Jeff Eimer of Orchard Park.

The tornado ripped through his property, not only taking down trees but also, puncturing a hole in his garage. He's covered the hole with a blue tarp. As for the trees he's been busy cutting them up and setting them on the side of the road.

Orchard Park and Hamburg DPW crews are getting help from Cheektowaga, which has sent in trucks and a large grinder to chop up tree trunks and branches.

"We've got huge branches, so they're picking it up it's pretty cool," Eimer said.

All the trees are being taken to Chestnut Ridge Park where they're put through a grinder. The county says it plans to use the remains as compost and mulch. This process could take a while.

The county says it may station another grinder near East Aurora, to handle all the trees that have been ripped out of the ground.