CHEEKTOWAGA, NY - Many residents across Western New York are still cleaning up from flooding a couple days ago, which was caused by torrential rain. The aftermath is showing how that storm was no joke.

Residents in one Cheektowaga neighborhood say they've never been flooded before, until recently.

One resident contacted 2 On Your Side about this problem and how it caused filthy conditions in her home. Our calls Saturday have resulted in some action by the town.

"There was literally feces floating in our basement," said Melissa Kreuzer of Cheektowaga. She still quivers just thinking about the flooding in her basement a couple days ago, when heavy rain pounded parts of Western New York.

Kreuzer says sewer water was coming up from this drain in the floor, which usually has a cover on.

"For me, I was having a real issue with knowing the bacteria and germs that were in my basement," she said.

Carpet has since been removed by a cleaning crew. Flooding also damaged her furniture.

She and other residents on McParlin Avenue say they've lived here for years and never have been flooded inside their homes, until a couple months ago during a rainstorm and then again this week.

"I want to know that the town is going to take care of what needs to be taken care of so their sewers don't back up into my basement," she said.

We wanted to know, how did these homes get flooded? Was it just because of all the rain or was it something else? 2 On Your Side called the town highway superintendent, who put us in touch with a town engineer.

Reporter Jeff Preval asked both if they were available for an interview — both said they were unavailable. However, we were assured by the engineer that a sanitation crew will come out to Kreuzer's home Sunday morning and to try and figure out what happened.

"If I can now talk to someone from the department of sanitation will come in and tell me there's something they can do about it that will put me at ease, there are people in much worse places than I am so I'm not trying to be a cry baby about this I just need to know that this isn't going to happen again," Kreuzer said.

Kreuzer says that insurance will cover most of her costs like the replacement of her carpet, but not her furniture.

A town engineer says someone from their department should be available to speak to 2 On Your Side on Monday.