WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. — Saturday night marked the start of the "Blue Light" vigil, a social media movement that calls on locals to adorn their porches with a blue light in support of Officer Craig Lehner, his family, and the Buffalo Police Department. According to a Facebook event, about 3,000 people were participating.

Channel 2 saw blue lights from Orchard Park to Williamsville.

A few stores, like Ed Young's True Value in Williamsville, had many more blue bulbs delivered to keep up with the demand.

"We have a large table with as many blue light bulbs as we could get, We actually had them overnighted in from our warehouse in Cleveland, just so that people could have them," said Mark Herd, the head of the electrical department at Ed Young's.

He said staff at the Main Street True Value are all feeling the grief of people coming in looking for blue bulbs to support the cause.

"I think the most [memorable] one was there was a gentleman in here earlier today who said that he was Officer Lehner's partner for seven years, and he's fostering Shield the dog, so that was very heartwarming for all of us," Herd said. "Many of the people are doing it because it was such a tragedy. They want to play some part in it."