BUFFALO, N.Y. -- After the state announced its preferred developer for the historic Hotel Niagara, 2 On Your Side decided to check in on another state-aided restoration project for a historic Buffalo hotel.

Like the Hotel Niagara, Statler City's restoration is being partially funded with public money.

But developer Mark Croce still has a lot of work left to do on the Downtown Buffalo building. The state has invested more than $5 million into the project, but the money is coming in phases.

And it's only a small slice of what's needed to renovate the entire facility.

The owner says soon, though, the scaffolding and sidewalk protection is coming down.

Croce took over the building in 2011, saving it from demolition. The building was originally built in 1923. Croce has already been able to transform the first three floors into ballrooms and bar space for weddings and big events.

But the long-term plan is to redo the whole building, all 18 floors.

Croce is going to take bids on replacing the roof. He's also going to be working on the exterior, and is stressing patience.

"The way the project is being phased, could be a 5 to 10 year project," Croce said. "You're talking about upwards of $125-150 million to redo this property, top to bottom. We've already invested well over $10 million to bring it into the state that's in today."

Croce can't say yet what the rest of the building will be used for.