BUFFALO, N.Y.-- Before patients can be moved to the new Oishei Children's Hospital, all the supplies and support need to be in place. That's what high school students from St. Joe's are helping with.

More than 120 students over the course of three days have volunteered to stock the patient carts that will be used in rooms throughout the new hospital.

"In the heat of the moment when a nurse, a doctor, is looking for something, he or she turns to the drawer and is able to pull out that syringe, or that diaper, whatever it might be for a little one," said St. Joe's Campus Minister Christopher Panepinto. "They're ready to go and our students then can smile and say I was a part of that."

The work is part of a service retreat that is required of the students at St. Joe's. It's a chance to see the difference volunteering can make a real world setting as part of a community wide effort.

The official move in day for Oishei Children's Hospital is November 10th.