HAMBURG, N.Y. - A theater owner in the Southtowns held a special movie screening Friday for a little boy who is battling cancer for a second time.

Jonah DeLang, 3, was so excited to see the new Disney movie, Cars 3, but he can't really be around a lot of other kids in a public place because of his compromised immune system.

He has neuroblastoma. He was first diagnosed at 15 months. He was in remission for about two years, but the cancer came back. His family learned the bad news on May 10th after routine scans.

His parents say the first time he had cancer he accepted things more, probably because that was the only life he knew. Now, things are harder because he was just getting used to life in remission.

Jonah was counting down the days until the movie was released. His parents didn't want to have to tell him he'd have to wait. Lucky for him, a few people reached out to Hamburg Palace owner Jay Ruof to see if he could help.

Ruof invited the DeLang family for a special, private screening.

It was a chance for Jonah to forget about being sick and for him to just be a regular kid.

Jonah had surgery May 18th to remove a small tumor, and he began more chemotherapy. He has to go to a hospital in New York City for more treatment next week. He'll get more chemo, radiation, and then start immunotherapy and drug trials.

If you'd like to help the DeLang family with medical expenses, click here for Jonah's GoFundMe page.