NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. -- The Niagara County SPCA is asking for the public's help finding the person responsible for the death of a cat a community member had been diligently taking care of. 

The community member, Debra, is a long-time animal advocate and rescuer, according to a Facebook Post confirmed by an SPCA spokesperson. She moved to the Niagara Falls area from Texas and began taking care of community cats. This included feeding, spaying and neutering them. 

For about two years, she had been feeding and caring for a cat she named Cali. 

Monday, Cali came home for dinner dragging herself by her front legs as though she had sustained some sort of injury, the SPCA says. This was after she had not returned for her dinner for three or four days. 

Debra thought Cali may have been hit by a car. She brought her to the Niagara SPCA late Monday evening. 

Cali was then taken to Central Park Animal Hospital, where she was x-rayed. 

A bb from a pellet gun was located lodged in Cali's spine, which caused her back end to be paralyzed, the SPCA says.

 The decision was then made to have Cali euthanized. 

"This was heartbreaking for not only the staff, but also for Debra," the post reads. "We're hoping that you can share this and help us find whoever is responsible for shooting Cali." 

Cali inhabited an area around Garden Avenue and Aaron Griffin Way. 

The SPCA reminds the public animal cruelty is a felony in the state and can result in up to two years behind bars. 

Anyone with information on what may have happened to Cali is asked to call Officer Zaninovich at 716-731-4368 Ext. 32.