ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Some parents in the southtowns got an unexpected surprise Monday morning when an Orchard Park day care center shut its doors without warning, according to parents.

Parents like Sarah Amo showed up to drop her child off at Kid's Kingdom Monday, which is located in a plaza on Armor Duells Road.

"It was locked up, all the window decorations were taken down," Amo said. "The place looked like an abandoned building almost."

A sign on the door read: "We would like to thank you for your loyalty. Unfortunately, due to a recent Facebook Post and the sale of the plaza, we were unable to remain open past June 30th."

June 30th was Friday when Sarah's daughter McKenzie was there.

"She was there on Friday, had a wonderful week, graduation... nobody said anything, no one mentioned anything," Amo told 2 On Your Side.

The graduation was scheduled for Friday evening, but it was changed to earlier in the day.

Initially, there were no answers as to why the day care closed. When 2 On Your Side went to the building, the letters on the door were scraped off with a razor, and looking through the window, it was completely empty.

Later Monday evening, 2 On Your Side received the following response via email from a Monica Mahaffey of the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS):

"Kid’s Kingdom has confirmed to OCFS that it has closed. OCFS is ready to assist affected parents and families. Parents seeking replacement child care options should contact the Child Care Resource Network in Erie County, which has been alerted of this situation and stands by‎ ready to assist. Parents seeking replacement child care options may also utilize OCFS's child care database located on the OCFS website at ocfs.ny.gov."

2 On Your Side spoke to a parent who says she was contacted by CPS investigators for suspected verbal and physical abuse involving her toddler child when he was enrolled at Kid's Kingdom.

According to New York State reports, the last inspection May 1 has "results pending." There were 15 violations this year alone at the daycare. It included issues with background checks. Parents were still arriving at the daycare Monday evening in disbelief that it is closed.

Sarah Amo said she has questions.

"Why no notice?" she asks.

She calls the abrupt closure unfair because kids cubicles weren't emptied and no one could make back up plans.

"Think of all the families you're affecting now, all the people that rely on you to pay you and have been loyal to you for years," said Amo.