BUFFALO, N.Y.-- Tuesday morning, Kaleida Healthcare System hosted a dedication ceremony for the brand new Oishei Children's Hospital. After speeches, there were tours of the new facility.

Each floor of the hospital has a theme:
1st Floor - "Spirit of Buffalo" - Lobby, ER, Gift Shop
2nd Floor - "City of Good Neighbors" - Ambulatory Surgical Center, Admissions
3rd Floor - "Water" - Labor & Delivery
4th Floor - "Seasons" - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
5th Floor - "Parks & Gardens" - Winter Garden, Chapel, Family Resource Center
6th Floor - Mechanical Space
7th Floor - "Music & Theater" - Dialysis, EKG
8th Floor - "Animals" - Mother-Baby Unit
9th Floor - "Arts & Culture" - Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)
10th Floor - "Sports" - Med/Surg Unit
11th Floor - "Imagination" - Pediatric Med/Surg
12th Floor - "Discovery" - Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, Oncology

The theme of each floor is reflected throughout in the furniture and decor.

A major point of pride for administration and staff is the NICU. Dr. Stephen Turkovich, the hospital's Chief Medical Officer, tells Channel 2 that the patient rooms provide more than just top of the line technology, "The NICU here is developed in such a way that it's really like the womb...very quiet, calm, private rooms...so that moms can be with their babies 24/7 and the babies can really grow and thrive and ultimately lead to significantly better outcomes for them"

Hospital staff say the design plans for this new hospital considered not just the kids but their families, as well.

All the patient rooms are on the outside of the building so they windows with a view. Compared to traditional hospital rooms, the patient rooms at Oishei are spacious, with a big screen TV and a full private bathroom. There's also an in room seating area that turns into a bed and has it's own TV for visiting family.

We're told every pediatric floor of the hospital also has a playroom with twinkling lights and toys where the kids and their families can let loose. Family can even host parties there.

"We've had a ton of support from our community in order to get to a point where we had these resources," explains Allegra Jaros, soon to be President of Oishei Children's Hospital and current President of Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo. "In our old building we had to patch together some spaces, very small spaces in order to really fully support our families."

And now, there is plenty of space for families, and staff, to stretch out, especially in the 2-story winter garden.

It's a green space where kids and their family members can escape during their hospital stay, no matter what the weather is like outside.

"Some kids that are in the hospital for months and months and months can't get outside to go an experience nature," says Dr. Turkovich. "To put some of those challenges behind them for a little bit and immerse themselves in a completely different experience, that is something really unique to this hospital."

Kids will even be able to grow their own plants in the winter garden.

But not everything is new in this new hospital. They were able to bring over stained glass windows from the old hospital to adorn the chapel. It's another thoughtful addition made with children and families in mind.

There's still work being done at Oishei Children's Hospital, but the plan is that in less than a month it will be ready for patients from the old Bryant Street hospital to be transported over.