BUFFALO, NY — A Buffalo family, devastated by the loss of their son who was shot and killed earlier this week, wants him to be remembered.

Family for Tevin Sapp said a prayer for him Wednesday, on the 100 block of Thatcher Ave., where Sapp was shot and killed Monday. Sapp was a father of a four-month-old baby boy.

Sapp's father wants his son remembered.

"We suffered a major loss, he was just a good kid man, trying to do the right thing," said Roderick Sapp, Tevin's dad. "He was a kid that was trying to get out of these streets, stay away from things, he wasn't out here no more."

His family says Sapp recently got a job at Walmart and wanted to take care of his baby boy.

"He did everything he could to take care of his son," said Arthur McClinton, Tevin's stepfather.

On Monday, Sapp's family says he went to the store and when he left someone with a gun opened fire.

REPORTER: Do you know of anyone who would've wanted to do him harm?

"No we don't, we really don't," Sapp said.

Family and friends hope that a surveillance camera on the store captured the shooting.

"But, we need more witnesses in the neighborhood or on the street to come forward if they might've seen a guy running down the street or what," said Murray Holman, the executive director of Buffalo's Stop the Violence Coalition.

The 100 block of Thatcher has seen its share of violence recently. Two months ago, a Buffalo man was shot there. He survived. In April 2016, a 25-year-old man from Buffalo was shot and killed there, too. That homicide remains under investigation.

"Now you got characters here posting up, gangs posting up, we need to work on that focus our attention on that," Holman said.

Sapp's family wants closure.

"We want justice for our son and everybody's else's son and everybody else's daughter," Sapp said.

A vigil is being planned for Saturday afternoon at the scene of the shooting. Funeral plans for Sapp are being worked on. Anyone who has any information on this shooting, is asked to call Buffalo Police's confidential tip line at 716-847-2255.