BUFFALO, NY — More than 40,000 vehicles travel the Skyway every day. Starting next year a $34 to 36 million rehab job will begin.

Susan Surdej, spokeswoman for the New York State Department of Transportation said "this has to happen, this is planned we have to ensure continued safety of the Skyway."

Bridge joints, sealing and other rehab work will be done. Repairs will also be made on the Pearl Street ramp and the inbound Skyway to be I-190 North.

Traffic will be impacted.

"We will close down the Skyway so you would only have two lanes of outbound skyway, however we would alternate traffic in the morning," Surdej said.

And environmental impact study will also be done next year to determine the future of the skyway — will it stay, go, be repaired or just continue to be maintained?

Congress Brian Higgins has been a proponent tearing the skyway down.

"Why would we extend the life of the Skyway for 20 years with maybe beginning the process of replacing it in four years?"

"We may not need 20 years, but we need to extend it more than five years for the continued safety of the Skyway," said Surdej.

Less been 40 people showed up for the public comment session before it ended at 6:30 p.m. at the Gateway building in Blasdell.

Congressman Higgins wants lights synchronized on alternative routes like South Park Avenue to reduce travel time during the Skyway rehab.