BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Western New York is still in the grip of a heroin epidemic and the Buffalo Police Department hopes a new way of addressing the issue will save lives.

Police are working with local movie-makers to produce a short film called "Blink of an Eye."

Shooting on the film continued Monday.

The film will show the struggle of a "normal" teenage girl, who is a dancer and athlete, with a heroin addiction. It also reveals the people behind the addiction.

The hope is that it will prevent others from following a similar path.

"We want to show people that anyone can have an addiction," said Erika Frase, the film's production coordinator. "And so many schools, so many younger teens are having this issue, and is an awareness we want everyone to know about."

She also said that the film's entire cast and crew are donating their time to produce the film.

Local actress Camryn Clune stars in the film, which is personal to her because she has lost a family member to an overdose.

The movie is being shot on the streets of Buffalo and at Christian Central Academy in Williamsville where Camryn attends school -- some scenes are shot inside the principal's home.

Filming wraps up Tuesday.