AMHERST, NY - Amherst Police announced on their Twitter account Friday morning that they have received calls about a loose sheep near Tonawanda Creek and Sweet Home Roads, and after a few hours they finally caught it.

Are you missing a sheep? We have received calls reporting 1 roaming loose in the area of Tonawanda Ck & Sweet Home Rd.
We can't locate it.

— AMHERST POLICE (@amherstpoliceny) November 4, 2016

Social media accounts quickly began having fun with the report, including a parody account for the sheep.

The sheep was captured at around 11:30 A.M Thursday after it bolted from a wooded area, where it had been surrounded by Animal Control Officers from the Erie County SPCA.

As it dashed across Tonawanda Creek Road near Lawnwood Drive, it was nearly struck by a car which slammed on its brakes on to avoid it.

Several SPCA officers gave chase as the sheep ran toward a chain link fence surrounding the Amherst Water Pollution Control Facility, where it was finally corralled.

The SPCA will care for the animal which - if its owner doesn't claim it, it will be put for adoption.

Officers on the scene said the tag on its ear indicated it'd been recently purchased at a livestock auction.

A resident on a street about a mile from where it was caught tweeted a picture of the same sheep, in a makeshift pen, in their neighbor's back yard, before it disappeared.

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