BUFFALO, NY - It was a string of terror that spanned a quarter century, women raped in secluded areas, often along bike paths. Investigators believed it was the work of the same man, he was dubbed the Bike Path Rapist.

The first rape dates back to 1981, near Frontier High School, but by the early 90's the rapes escalated to murder.

Linda Yalem was killed in 1990, Majane Mazur in 1992, and ultimately in 2006, Joan Diver.

It was that final attack that put the pieces together for investigators. DNA was found on the steering wheel in Diver's car, which the attacker had moved after killing her along the Clarence Bike Path.

Then came a tip that an alibi given by Sanchez's uncle early on had been a lie.

Police set up a sting. They collected DNA samples from Sanchez after he had eaten in an Amherst restaurant. Then, the arrest. Sunday we will mark the 10th anniversary of the arrest of Altemio Sanchez.

Although Sanchez pleaded guilty to three murders, he stonewalled investigators who initially interrogated him, trying to figure out his motivation.

Just before his sentencing, he finally talked, to one man, the man prosecuting the case.

Daybreak's Pete Gallivan sat down this week with Frank Sedita, who shared his story of that chilling interview with a serial rapist and killer.