HAMBURG, NY -- After two days of searching, covering nearly 5,400 square nautical miles, the coast guard has ended its search for a missing Ontario man whose boat washed ashore in Hamburg Tuesday afternoon. The 16-foot craft washed ashore minus its operator in the Lakeview area.

"Due to the amount of time that has passed since the man departed on his fishing trip and the ideal search conditions crews experienced over the course of our searches, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue search efforts at sunset pending any new developments," said Cmdr. Tad Drozdowski, Coast Guard Sector Buffalo chief of response. "Our deepest condolences go to the Reinhart family and all those affected. More than 50 people from across the Coast Guard, other Canadian, federal, state and local partners searched thousands of miles with hope of brining Mr. Reinhart home to his loved ones."

When Reinhart's boat was found, several fishing poles, as well as coolers with drinks and Walleye were found on board.

Officials found paperwork in the boat and were able to contact the owner's fiancee, who said the boat's owner, a man from Niagara Falls, Ontario, had planned on going fishing.

Wednesday Reinhart's brother told Two On Your Side's Ron Plants he believed the disappearance is "suspicious."

"He would never go out if it was dangerous," Albert Reinhart said of his brother. "I find it hard to believe he would just fall off the boat."

Reinhart's brother refused to talk about Guisseppe's criminal past but a St. Catherines Standard article from 2008 indicates he was sent to prison for manslaughter.

Reinhart's family also shared that he was scheduled to move to North Bay, Ontario and was supposed to close on a house on Wednesday.

The Coast Guard reported the Hamburg Police Department and a forensic team checked the empty boat and found no sign of foul play.