BUFFALO, N.Y. -- We watched the President's announcement Tuesday night with SUNY Buffalo State political science Professor Peter Yacobucci. He's a U.S. Supreme Court expert.

Gorsuch isn't a surprise by any means to Yacobucci, who says his name has been out there for a while. Since President Trump was looking for someone as close to Antonin Scalia as possible, this was the pick to make, Yacobucci says.

Yacobucci tells us that Gorsuch is right in line with Scalia except for one opinion on government regulations. Yacobucci also says Gorsuch checks every box for what you need in order to be a Supreme Court justice, but this is what he said when we asked about the confirmation process in today's political environment.

"I think there are many Democrats out there that will simply not accept their representatives voting for anyone that Trump nominates to the court. The only difference it would be is if Trump nominated Merrick Garland, the individual that Obama nominated approximately a year ago,” says Yacobucci. "He is known to be very well liked by his colleagues on the court, and he writes extremely well. He will make a very good impression my expectation is when he does appear before the Senate and does meet with the Senators. Now whether that's enough to get Democrats and those opposed to Trump to support him, that's a different matter."

Yacobucci pointed out that as far as social issues go, as long as Kennedy remains the center justice, decisions should stay the same. This is because Gorsuch is replacing Scalia and the court will likely rule as it has been on social issues like gay marriage and Roe versus Wade. Yacobucci also said a second Trump nomination to replace a liberal justice could change that down the road.