BUFFALO, NY-- One of the biggest projects in recent memory at the Buffalo Museum of Science is moving right along.

We've heard some questions from people who have seen this work being done atop the museum recently, so we went to check it out. It's a $2.5 million project. The museum is renovating its space exhibit and rebuilding its rooftop observatory with a new dome and refurbished telescope.

"Everybody sees this right? It's iconic. And I think it speaks to Buffalo's revitalization and for our mission here at the museum of science where we look to inspire curiosity. It's one more remarkable tool. You come in and you look up to the heavens and you see the rings of Saturn, and what better way to get a kid excited about the possibilities of the science that's all around us?" said Marisa Wigglesworth, President and CEO of the Buffalo Science Museum.

The space exhibit will re-open August 21 and the planetarium work should be done sometime in the winter.