PENDLETON, NY - A group of good Samaritans are being thanked, for their heroic actions in saving a local man's life.

Earlier this month, residents in one neighborhood in Pendleton, Niagara County, jumped into action, when they saw a car crash into a tree, and then go up in flames with the driver stuck inside.

Danny May and his family run the Classics V Banquet Hall on Niagara Falls Boulevard in Amherst. This holiday season they have a lot to be thankful for.

"It's a miracle that the devastation of the crash and the fire that he's going to be able to walk again someday," May said, referring to his 33 year old son, Anthony.

Two Sundays ago, Anthony was on his way to work, he had been feeling ill the night before.

"He was heading up here to put some Christmas decorations up, it was his day off, we told him to go back home, spend the time with his family, he seemed a little dehydrated I guess and when he was heading on Beach Ridge Road he passed out swerved off the road and smacked into the tree," May said.

Anthony was alone, trapped inside a fiery wreck. His father says residents nearby jumped into action -- one bringing a fire extinguisher, and putting out flames burning Anthony's right leg.

A couple people driving by, including an off-duty Niagara County Sheriff's deputy also stopped to help.

"From my time in the fire service, I've never seen a car go that fast and I've never seen someone come out of a car that badly wrecked without us cutting him out," said deputy Nick Walters.

The Samaritans pulled Anthony from the vehicle, he was taken to ECMC with third degree burns, broken ribs and a bruised lung. He's still in the hospital.

Recently, the Niagara County Sheriff's Office honored with those who helped save Anthony's life, with appreciation plaques. And, they say they want to meet Anthony. He's married, and a father of two girls.

"He won't be home for this Thanksgiving, but hopefully he'll be home for Christmas and these two girls still have their father that is what I'm thankful for this thanksgiving and holiday season," May said.