BUFFALO, N.Y. -- It's been one of the most talked about issues in the current state budget talks- legalizing ridesharing. Assuming services like Uber and Lyft are allowed to operate in Western New York soon, one local cab company is ready to fire back.

Liberty Yellow Cab has put together a new ridesharing division of its car service set to go live as soon as it's legal. The app called "Ride local - Liberty Yellow" will allow customers to order and pay for a ride all through their phones.

Liberty's drivers will use their personal vehicles for the new division which is something the company says will help them get more hours.

"It started off being an overflow concept. We have so much business that we have an overflow of business. So why not offer that to ridesharing folks who might only work one day a week," says Liberty Yellow Cab President Bill Yuhnke.

Yuhnke says there will also be handicap-accessible vehicles available.