OLCOTT, N.Y. — Residents along the Lake Ontario shoreline can't seem to catch a break.

Just when it seemed like flooding had quieted down, storms Friday night caused a retaining wall at the Olcott Yacht Club to fail around 1:30 a.m. Saturday.

Steel and cement are now under water. The failed retaining wall at the Olcott Yacht Club is pulling land with it, too.

"They have the potential to lose another 150 feet of the wall they have in place here,” said Jonathan Schultz of Niagara County Emergency Services.

County officials believe Friday night's storm was likely the last straw on an area that's taken a serious beating over the past several months.

"This will be a major, major expense now,” said club member Mark Cassidy.

Club members and officials estimate this will be at least a six-figure fix, and it'll likely take engineers sometime to stabilize the area.

Cassidy first saw the wall collapse this morning.

"Since then, the steel has pulled further away, and we're lost more bank. Right now, we're about three feet from our relatively new pavilion here, and if we don't shore that up, we might start to lose some of that,” Cassidy said.
Legislator John Syracuse described the situation as “extremely frustrating.”

"You can see that the twisted steel, the concrete, and it's just the power of this lake level, this is what we've been speaking to, which unfortunately continues to unfold before us,” Syracuse said.

Officials say the water is still eight inches above its normal level, and now they're nervous about the winter months because that usually produces a lot of northeast storms.

"The unfortunate thing is with the prolonged high water levels we've been facing with here, a lot of the actual wall and the walkways are actually…undermined, and now that we can see what's happening,” Schultz said.