MAYVILLE, N.Y.-- A Great Lakes researcher accomplished an impressive feat Monday morning.

Dr. Sherri Mason, 44, swam the length of Chautauqua Lake. It took ten hours and 37 minutes to complete the approximately 15-mile swim, but she was able to finish without any major issues.

She decided to take on this endeavor to raise awareness about protecting fresh water, such as keeping waterways free from pollution.

"All of the progress that has been made since then over the last 56 years is because of the protections that were put into place, it's because of the Clean Water Act, it's because of the Environmental Protection Agency, it's because of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative," Dr. Mason says.

This swim is a practice, or "qualifier" for when Dr. Mason plans to swim across Lake Erie in August, a distance of about 12.5 miles.

Dr. Mason's Lake Erie swim is being funded with individual donations through her Go Fund Me account.

"If I can train for an entire year and spend almost 11 hours swimming this lake, you know, people can not put fertilizers and pesticides in their lawn...they can write to their Congress people and urge them to support funding that helps to protect these waterways," she said. "Whether it's swimming 11 hours or writing a simple letter, all of those things are important."