BUFFALO. N.Y. -- As the U.S. House of Representatives is set to vote this coming Thursday on the Republican plan to replace Obamacare with the American Health Care Act, a proposal limiting New York state's funding formula for Medicaid is getting some bipartisan support.

Democratic Congressman Brian Higgins said he would back GOP Congressman Chris Collins' plan for the federal government to hold back on some healthcare reimbursement if state leaders continue to take money from counties for Medicaid.

Collins held a press conference on the subject Saturday and Higgins provided comments Sunday.

"I think what he's trying to do is get the counties out from under that mandate which is a huge financial burden," Higgins said. "So in that regard I would be supportive. New York, as I said, is only one of seven states that require the local, the county match in addition to the federal and state piece."

Collins said Saturday that the state-required Medicaid share for Erie County is $203 million dollars or about one thousand dollars per homeowner in property taxes.

State officials say they have cut back on forcing counties to pay more as Medicaid costs for lower income patients increased.