BATAVIA, N.Y. -- A Western New York Congressman was in Batavia, N.Y. Saturday to push for a bill to help protect volunteer firefighters, and while there he answered questions about some recent comments that have gotten national attention.

Recently, President Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway has been called out for promoting products of President Trump's daughter Ivanka on national television on national television. Collins recently responded to this by telling Conway critics to "get a life."

He has also voiced his support for the President's controversial executive order on immigration, disagreeing with this week's appellate court decision.

"The brouhaha over Ivanka's clothing and jewelry line is much ado about nothing," Collins said Saturday. "As I said on CNN, get a life. Some people thought their was a political motivation there, I don't know if there was or not, but Kellyanne Conway was joking about it. She was laughing."

Conway herself seemed unapologetic, Tweeting that the president supports her. Yet lawmakers across the country have called for an ethics investigation.