BUFFALO, N.Y. -- A "cop's cop," a "gentle giant" and a "legend" are ways people described retired Buffalo Police Detective Sergeant Joe Ransford.

Ransford passed away over the weekend after a battle with cancer. He was 75.

He served with the Buffalo Police Department for 29 years, and was known for his hard work and dedication to the city.

"He was a street cop, street cop. You know?" said Defense Attorney Joel Daniels. "If you look up the expression, 'street cop,' in the dictionary, I think that it'd have a picture of Joe. He was tough, he was relentless. His word was always good, always 100%."

In 1984, 2 On Your Side took part in a ride-along with Ransford. During the trip, he said, "I try to find humor in everything. When you pull up at a scene, you see a child mangled or hurt, or dead, or a senior citizen bound and gagged in his own house, it brings a lump to your throat, and a tear to your eye, but you gotta regroup again, because around the corner is that crime element, always working."

"If he told you something, you could go to the bank on it," Daniels said. "People had nothing but the highest respect for Joe Ransford."

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