BUFFALO, NY-- A rally was held Wednesday to support 25 undocumented workers in Buffalo, who face immigration violations following last week's federal raids at four area Mexican restaurants.

Several dozen people rallied in solidarity with these workers who are now jobless after ICE raided four Mexican restaurants last week.

The workers do not face criminal charges, but there's a chance they could be deported.

Workers from some of the four restaurants raided are inside immigration court for a preliminary hearing. They walked with a crowd of supporters.

Supporters said they were walking to send a message that these workers taken in the raids have fed the Buffalo community for years and now it's their turn to support them.

"Really sad, be at home, afraid to step out of your home, you don't know if ICE is monitoring you. You don't know what's going to happen," said Antonio Robles through an interpreter.

The workers will have hearings throughout the day.