BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Opponents of the U.S. missile strike on Syria this week took to the streets in Buffalo Sunday. 

Buffalo's International Action Center (IAC) organized a local protest, at Elmwood and Bidwell. It was part of a nationwide movement, with many protests against the missile strike taking place across the country. 

The U.S. missile attack was taken in response to the chemical weapons attack Syria launched on its own people. The group of about 25 who gathered in Buffalo Sunday in protest said they don't believe two wrongs make a right.  

"When my country is represented as being the bomber, and the regime changer, and the enforcer of the will of the Pentagon, I have to come out of the house," said protester Ellie Dorritie, a member of the IAC.

Protesters also said they felt the U.S. attack escalates U.S. involvement in Syria, and that the involvement killed innocent Syrian civilians.

Although President Trump campaigned as an "America First" isolationist leader, the protestors said they feel the airstrike is evidence of an imperialistic agenda. 

There were folks who stopped by the rally with a different opinion, though. 

"I believe that the gassing of civilians is warrant for the U.S. to respond," said one, Dawn Marie Kyle. "I don't believe that we can just let this go by. For one, it is a rescue mission, for two, it is to ensure that it doesn't happen again."

While there were those with vastly different opinions at the protest Sunday, it remained peaceful, and those with different opinions had what appeared to be civil conversations. NBC reported at least one such protest in Florida turned violent on Saturday.