BUFFALO, N.Y. -- There was no decision Tuesday night in the legal battle over President Trump's immigration ban.

The administration and several states made arguments in California Tuesday, over whether a federal judge was right to put a block on the controversial executive order. The federal appeals court judges heard those arguments and grilled a Justice Department lawyer on whether the ban was intended to discriminate against Muslims.

In Buffalo, the immigration order was the focus for protesters outside the Lancaster Office of Congressman Chris Collins on Tuesday.

Organizers say they are upset with his comments in support of the ban, and they say they minimalized the impact the ban had on people trying to get into the country.

His complete statement: “Nothing is more important than the safety and security of our communities here in Western New York,” said Congressman Collins. “Temporarily suspending the admittance of refugees and individuals from high-risk countries until we can guarantee they are properly vetted is a common-sense measure focused on protecting Americans. President Trump promised to make America safe again and his executive order aims to ensure we know who is entering our country.”