BUFFALO, N.Y. -- One way to get a delinquent homeowner to fix his or her property is to shame him or her into doing it.

That's the logic behind a request by Buffalo Common Council President Darius Pridgen.

"I'm not talking about an elderly person who has a gutter fall down," Pridgen said. "I'm talking about a chronic slum lord in our city. I want to expose them."

He's proposing the city create a database of the city's worst properties, with the owner's name, address, and housing court status.

"Those persons who have dilapidated properties in our city that are tearing up neighborhoods, to make that information public to especially these neighborhoods," Pridgen said. "Oftentimes right now in the city of Buffalo we have these prospectors, they come in, they buy a property, then they don't take care of them and the neighborhood has no idea of who to contact."