BOWMANSVILLE, N.Y. -- With holiday shopping season on the way, we went to a local home security expert for tips on keeping burglars away from your home.

Ken Jezioro has 40 years of experience in the security business both as the CEO of SHIELD Security Systems and a police officer. He's using the latest technology to keep families across WNY safe.

"People really like automation. It's really the future of where security is going. So you're doing security, you're doing cameras, locks, lights, thermostats," says Jezioro.

Jezioro uses the Total Connect app to keep tabs on his home and five children.

"My youngest kids get home before the older kids do. I get a text message when they get in the house. It's awesome. It's like okay, boom, they're home," he says.

Jezioro says controlling lights from the app is more effective than those motion detection lights that are so popular.

"They go on and off all the time. People tend to totally ignore them. They're kind of out of sight out of mind because they're always doing that," says Jezioro.

Jezioro is also big on cameras. He says that technology has improved so much over the past three to five years that if you have an old system, you might want to think about upgrading it.

And if you want to take security steps that won't cost you anything, he offers these tips.

"You don't want to leave newspapers lying around. Having a car parked in the driveway. If you were to go away, have somebody move your car. Make sure that the snow is shoveled, the leaves are blown away. Make your house look lived in, like somebody is there," he says.

Jezioro says burglars generally are not confrontational -- they want to sneak in and sneak out after grabbing your belongings.