Mark Poloncarz was not impressed with the snowfall on Tuesday.

"Our department of public works eats these types of snow storms for breakfast," he said.

And to snow-whiners, Poloncarz on Twitter suggested, "Show some backbone folks".

This all is due to what Poloncarz calls the over-reaction to the statewide snow storm that prompted Governor Andrew Cuomo to declare a statewide emergency. The storm has delivered heavy snows in the Hudson Valley region, the Southern Tier and in the New York City area.

Buffalo? A few inches over a steady flow of flakes throughout the day.

Perhaps prompted by Cuomo's emergency declaration, Poloncarz and Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown say they were questioned frequently Monday whether they would close county and city government. The forecast suggested a typical western New York snowfall, so both governments were open for business today.

But 2 On-Your-Side has received some 450 closings of schools, courts, businesses and others all because of the snow, or at least the fear of it.

Poloncarz says he spoke with administrators from schools that did close Tuesday. They explained the winter had been mild. They had snow days available to use, and they were going to used them.

"They won’t say that publicly. I’m not gonna say who it was because I don’t want to reveal confidences," says Poloncarz.

Mayor Brown was also matter of fact about the city snow removal efforts.

"We’ve got plows out on the street. We’ve got plows in neighborhoods all across the city of Buffalo. Our streets are open and passable. This is a normal workday for us in Buffalo,” says Brown.

Poloncarz says he understands why Governor Cuomo took the step of declaring a statewide emergency. The County Executive says it frees Cuomo to move equipment and personnel quicker to where they're needed to help in the snowstorm clean-up.

But around Buffalo, Poloncarz says a few inches of snow is not a big deal like it might be elsewhere.

“Charlotte shuts down based on four-to-six inches of snow. Atlanta shuts down on two inches of snow. We don’t shut down when we have six inches of snow. We don’t shut down when we have a foot of snow,” says Poloncarz.