2 On-Your-Side got a steady stream of questions and observations about the efforts to keep roads open during Thursday's snow-storm which temporarily paralyzed parts of Hamburg, West Seneca and Orchard Park.

During a late morning news conference today, Erie County Excutive Mark Poloncarz addressed many of the questions views had.

On Facebook, Veronica wanted to know where the plows were?

Poloncarz says a full compliment of plows and trucks were out throughout the storm. Unfortunately, many were snarled in the same traffic so many others drivers were stuck in.

Another viewer, Jeff, wanted to know why so many people were driving on bald tires.

Poloncarz wondered the same thing. He says he heard over and over again throughout the storm about vehicles that were stuck, in part, because tires were bald or nearly bald.

Jay wrote to us on Facebook asking why the normally cleared Thruway ended-up shut down for a time last night.

“My understanding is that (the NYS DOT) thought they could handle it. They were proving they could until one tractor-trailer jack-knifed,” says Poloncarz.

The county executive says a snow-fall rate of four-inches an hour was also a factor in the decision to shut the Thruway down.

And Carol asked via Facebook where the salt trucks were.

“Salt trucks really weren't working well today because of the temperature at nine-degrees. You really can’t use the salt trucks below fifteen-degrees. But the salt trucks were out but the salt doesn’t work when the snow’s falling a four-inches an hour. It’s as simple as that,” said Poloncarz.