BUFFALO, N.Y. -- As more Baby Boomers and members of Generation X enter into retirement each day in Western New York, many are worried they won't be prepared.

AARP New York and Siena College held an event Monday night to discuss a new poll.

It shows about 80 percent of people from both generations are having trouble saving for retirement.

The study shows more than half of New York's private sector doesn't have access to a workforce retirement plan.

"People that save in the workplace are much much more likely to do so than those who do so on their own," said David McNally, of AARP New York. "So we want to see the state create a state-facilitated workplace savings plan for people who work in private industry who do not have any access to one right now."

About 70 percent of people surveyed also said they would support one of those state-run plans. AARP hopes the legislature will pass one of these plans next year.