BUFFALO, N.Y. -- We asked people on Twitter and Facebook: What issue in this year's Presidential race is the most important to you?

“Getting jobs back in the US. NAFTA was a huge mistake. So many laid off. Also stopping illegal immigrants,” said James.

“Most important issue liberal/progressive issues and experience of candidate,” said Kathy.

“Term Limits. You get convicted as a politician, you lose all benefits. Lie detector for re-election,” said Don.

Most of the people 2 On Your Side approached Monday afternoon in person in downtown Buffalo did not want to talk with us on camera about the election, but we found a few who did.

“The most important thing to me is that I believe that a person is honest and cares about working people and issues that are important to families and children," says Maureen Hanlon.

"I would say education is the main one because I'm a college student and I would really love to see free education one day," says Monifa Payne.

Monday night, we spoke with Dr. Peter Yacobucci, a political science professor at SUNY Buffalo State, about what voters are thinking right now with just one day left to go.

"Let it be over. Please, after tomorrow I think every voter, whether you're a partisan for Trump, partisan for Clinton, you're in the middle, they just want it done. They want it to be done," says Yacobucci. "Did you hear the candidates talk about social security? Did you hear the candidates talk about how they really want to develop the economy? Besides just tag lines. And I didn't, and I listen to this all the time. So I think a lot of voters would like to see a higher level of argument go on between the candidates, but that certainly didn't happen this time around."

Yacobucci also is concerned that since people are so focused on the presidential election, races down ticket have been overlooked. He is worried that voters don't know enough about the other races they'll be deciding on Tuesday.