BUFFALO, N.Y. -- A Buffalo woman says a Buffalo Police Officer made her drive him on the 33 Monday night to rescue a puppy.

Nikita Williams was happy to help, but it's how the situation unfolded that has her concerned.

Williams owns a shop on Main Street in Buffalo and hosts a local TV show on community issues. She planned on taking the 33 to the 198 Monday night, but police had it blocked off.

They told her to keep going on the 33, but then she saw a man in the middle of the road waiving at her. She says the man never identified himself as a police officer and demanded she give him a ride saying there was a dog.

A Buffalo Police spokesperson says the Lieutenant asked her if she could give him a ride, and that she drove him about 150 yards before he hopped out to get the puppy, which had hopped over to the other side of the 33.

Now, Williams wants an apology from police.

"Ask if you can use their vehicle. Don't demand. If you want help, we as citizens, we are looking for help from the police department. They are reactive. I get it. I get all of that. However, just like you want the citizens to respect the police, the police have to respect the citizens," says Williams. "Let this be a teachable moment because what will you tell your daughter if that situation happens. What if he wasn't a real police officer?"

Buffalo Police say the puppy has a hurt paw and didn't have any tags. The SPCA says she is not available for adoption right now because she has to be held in case her owner comes forward.