BUFFALO, N.Y. - Buffalo Police are investigating reports that a group of students were approached by a man who offered to sell them drugs, and then grabbed one by the arm.

The school district notified parents about the incident, which happened Thursday morning.

Investigators say an African American male, 5'6, wearing a red collared shirt, three gold chains and a black baseball cap approached male students at the bus stop at Elmwood and Utica and offered to sell them drugs, then grabbed the arm of a female student. The bus arrived and all students boarded.

Parents are urged to have a conversation with your children regarding how to avoid strangers and make them aware of the description of this man, along with the message that all similar incidents are to be avoided and should be reported.

The district is also telling parents if they notice or are made aware of a suspicious person near their school, their bus, or their neighborhood, please contact the police immediately.