NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. -- A man is in critical condition after he was stabbed in the neck early Wednesday morning in Niagara Falls, police say.

Officers responded around 1:45 a.m. to reported shots fired at a location in the 400 block of 9th Street.

When police arrived, they didn't find anybody, but they did see blood on the sidewalk.

Not long after, a man entered Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center bleeding heavily from a neck wound.

It was determined he was stabbed one time in the neck, and the weapon hit a carotid artery. The man then got back into his car and drove himself to the hospital, about three blocks away.

The victim lost a significant amount of blood. He was given blood as he was taken to the Erie County Medical Center, where he is in critical condition — but is expected to survive.

Police say they are continuing to investigate the incident.