LANCASTER, N.Y. -- We are checking into recent complaints filed concerning security at Lancaster Speedway.

2 On Your Side received a Facebook post with video of an altercation involving private security.

Town of Lancaster Police told 2 On Your Side Thursday night that “Our Department has handled 3 complaints involving altercations at the speedway since the start of the season, 2 of which involved security personnel.”

A link to a YouTube video was posted to our Facebook page on Thursday which led us to ask if other incidents had happened at the speedway this year. We don't know if the two complaints police say involve security officers include what you're seeing in the video from YouTube.

The driver in that video is Tyler Morris. Morris says the video is from Wednesday night at the speedway. He says a security guard stopped him for speeding in the grass. Morris says he wasn't speeding, but that the officer had already asked him to stop speeding earlier in the night.

Morris says he was roughed up and wants the speedway to fix his phone because the screen cracked.

The speedway's track president, Tim Packman, told 2 On Your Side Thursday night that “we are still investigating everything and I will not be able to speak until I have all the facts.”

2 On Your Side will of course stay on top of this and let you know if we find out anything else from police or the speedway.