DEPEW, N.Y. -- Voters in Depew will decide in two months whether to dissolve their village.

Dozens of members of the group "Friends of Depew" picketed Tuesday afternoon at the busy intersection of Walden and Transit. They are against dissolving the Village of Depew.

Those who support dissolving Depew into the Towns of Lancaster and Cheektowaga say it would save taxpayers money.

But the "Friends of Depew" are worried about losing the village services they are paying for now.

"I am a diabetic. If I happen to have an emergency, the police are at my house in a minute. My leaves are picked up every day during the fall. Our streets are plowed every day. Don't want to lose that," says Dennis Radecki.

"We're just trying to educate people of how this would impact them not only in their taxes, but in the very life-saving services that we receive as village residents here," says William Curr.

People in Depew will vote on January 17. If the move to dissolve fails, another vote on this issue won't be allowed for four years.