BUFFALO, N.Y. - A petition has been created calling on Mayor Byron Brown and city officials to shutdown a bar in the Lovejoy section of the city. Residents say the bar has become a distraction in the community, with fights and noise.

The petition created on Change.org, calls on city officials to shutdown Checkmate Bar and Grill on East Lovejoy Street in Buffalo. The creator of the petition calls the bar "a plague to Lovejoy" and says there have been "fights, speeding, and trash" from the bar, even patrons "jumping on cars."

That petition has been signed by more a 130 people, and is expected to be sent to Mayor Brown, Buffalo Police and Lovejoy Council member Rich Fontana, asking from all of them all to act.

Buffalo Common council member Rich Fontana says it's not the first time he's heard of this.

"There's been some individual issues that have occurred, some patrons coming there maybe parking in front of a driveway illegally potentially jumping on a car, public urination some things have happened outside the bar that we weren't happy with," Fontana said.

In the spring, Fontana says he got a complaint about loud music from the bar -- and had it temporarily closed because of issues with its music permit.

"So that they understand that they cannot play live music," Fontana said.

Since then, Fontana says he hasn't heard of any issues with the bar.

"Essentially no calls a day over the summer," he told us.

We wanted to speak to owner of Checkmate about the quality of life issues here. But, a representative for the bar owner referred us to their attorney.

REPORTER: What is your response?

"About four months ago the complaints the neighbors had legitimate complaints they went to the SLA (State Liquor Authority) it was handled with a warning," said Buffalo attorney Tom Eoannou.

"It's my further understanding that the owners met with the neighbors and resolved their differences, quite frankly I think this is old news, but if there are complaints they should be directed to the SLA," Eoannou said.

At this point, the bar's attorney say are no complaints with the SLA pending. Council member Fontana says the bar should be allowed to remain open, unless there is a serious and legitimate problem reported about the bar.