BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Although many Republicans are taking back their support of Donald Trump after hearing his lewd comments about woman via a leaked Access Hollywood tape, one Buffalo School Board member's support of the presidential candidate continues.

Carl Paladino told the Washington Post after the tape was released that Trump's "gutter talk" was "something all normal men do."

On Wednesday, protestors gathered outside a school board meeting to call on Paladino to be removed from his seat because of his support of Trump.

Wednesday evening, Paladino spoke with 2 On Your Side about Trump's tape and the protests.

"That's a man showing his sexual prowess," he said. "Not every man is capable of that. But many men are. And that goes on in our culture every day. Michael will tell you that. This man will tell you that. OK? It's part of the male thing."

At the school board meeting Wednesday, the school board took up a petition for Paladino's removal with 2,500 signatures.

The conversation became heated and at one point, Paladino threatened to file a defamation lawsuit against board president Barbara Seals Nevergold. He said he is not stepping down.