CARLTON, N.Y. -- We're learning more about the husband and wife who were killed in a tragic crash in Orleans County. It happened Sunday on Route 31 in the town of Ridgeway.

The community is working together to help support their three surviving children and honor their father who was a dedicated first responder.

At the Carlton Fire Company's Station #2, Assistant Chief Justin Niederhofer made sure to roll out a particular fire engine for 2 On Your Side. It was the pumper driven and maintained by 15 year veteran member of the fire company. That would be 39 year old Randy Harrier who was killed along with his wife 38 year old wife Rebecca in that weekend car accident.

A tribute in his memory has been placed on that truck by the other firefighters in his company.

Niederhofer shared a recollection of Randy Harrier. "Well liked with a smile on his face and he would show up wherever and you could always count on him...he'd be standing there smiling whatever was going on. Luckily for us we weren't involved in the response in this particular case. It was in a neighboring town but still a hard loss for us either way."

Now the fire department, local churches, and other organizations in Orleans County are working on fundraisers on behalf of the three Harrier children - ages 10,14, and 18 - who have lost both their parents in this tragic way. Also involved is the Kendall School District where T- shirts bearing the inscription "Hearts for Harriers" will be sold by the Boosters club to help support them. School officials say they are planning other activities in consultation with the grandparents and other members of the Harrier family. District Superintendent Julie Christensen told 2 on Your Side in an e-mail that she was touched in particular by one of their classmates...a young boy who actually donated his savings to the family.

Asst. Chief Niederhofer stresses again that the children are being watched over by their grandparents and others "We got firefighters who are neighbors of there's helping the kids. Our chief's wife is their bus driver. And we're all doing what we can."

In addition on the Carlton Fire Company and Recreation Hall Facebook page you will find a link to a Go Fund Me account and other information