BUFFALO, N.Y. — One week after Buffalo Police officer Craig Lehner never resurfaced from an underwater training exercises in the Niagara River, many are seeing people come together.

Western New Yorkers have come together to show their support for not only Lehner family, but the entire Buffalo Police force.

By all accounts, Oficer. Lehner was dedicated to protecting and serving his country and his hometown. His tragic death has helped to bridge a gap.

Eric T. Crittenden, a close friend of the family said "we're in a very divisive time right now to say the least, particularly between the police and civilians. We are one united force right now behind Craig."

Crittenden considers the Lehner family his family. "He (Craig) brought us together and there was no distinction between police and civilian or military and civilian, we're just all people, all together in one neighborhood, in one city for one plight, one togetherness and he orchestrated that."