BUFFALO, N.Y.- If you lived in Buffalo ten years ago, no doubt you remember the October Surprise storm.

A large portion of Western New York was blanketed by snow, with power lines tangled throughout. It was a state of disaster. Buddy Hubbard called it a "frightening and very sad" time, yet neighbors came together to help one another.

15 people died as a result of the October Surprise storm. 200 more people were treated at local hospitals for carbon monoxide poisoning.

Darwin Drive in Snyder was without power for at least 12 days. Thousands of trees were lost, but some recovered.

Timon Street in Buffalo was also transformed during the storm. The canopy look many thought was gone forever, bounced back.

"A lot of people come on my street, just to see the trees. When I saw it that day, reflecting back it looked terrible," said Venita Hughes.

It's estimated the storm killed 57,000 trees.

Millard Fillmore Suburban hospital had to run on an emergency generator.

Around 400,000 homes and businesses lost power. National Grid alone had 1.5 million feet of wire damaged along with 200 transformers.

Stores were selling generators, snow blowers and chainsaws nonstop.

Depew and Alden got two-feet of snow. Buffalo received 20-inches of snow.

"We managed to have fun and make light, listen to Sabres games and keep things going and found a lot of hidden joys in the midst of tragedy and trauma," said Hubbard.