BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Senator Patrick Gallivan is one of four New York Republican and three Democratic state senators identified by the New York Times as having received money for leading legislature committees, but apparently they really aren't entitled to the funding. .

The Times article cites New York State law that state senators can receive just one stipend for a committee which they actually chair. And if they lead multiple committees, they can have whichever is the largest stipend.

The report claims Gallivan got $18,000 for a committee when he was only vice chair of that panel, and vice chairs, by law, do not get stipends.

Here's what Gallivan had to say Saturday about the allegation: "It was always my understanding that the payments are in accordance with the law," he said. "I've been honored to be appointed chair of a particular committee, vice chair of another committee, and there's a stipend that goes with it. We are only entitled to one. I did receive it. And as far as I've been made aware and I've been assured, it's in accordance with the law. If there's ever a question, of course it would be returned."

The New York Times reports the records which involve these stipends list Gallivan as Chair of the Education committee. But according to the New York State Senate website, he is only vice chair of that particular committee. Gallivan actually chairs the Crime Victims, Crime, and Correction Committee, which provides a smaller stipend of $15,000.