ALBANY, N.Y. -- Lawmakers in Albany now say they plan to work late into Sunday evening trying to hammer out some final issues for a now two-days-late state budget.

Governor Cuomo already says he has a backup plan to extend the current budget if there is no agreement soon.

The Democratic lead Assembly and Republican majority Senate are still wrangling over the so-called "raise the age" plan, which aims to stop prosecuting 16 and 17 year old criminal offenders as adults and raises the age to 18.
They are also debating the distribution of billions of dollars in education funding and whether there should be more charter schools. 
All this while ride sharing for upstate cities like Buffalo, water system upgrades, and more college tuition assistance hang in the balance.   
Governor Cuomo says he may push for a budget extender if there is no deal by Monday. In the meantime, state lawmakers could lose their pay until they pass a budget.