NORTH TONAWANDA, NY - North Tonawanda police still need the public's help in solving a fatal pedestrian accident that happened Monday night.

Police say a man was hit and killed while laying in the road and they're still trying to figure out why he was there in the first place.

"We don't know if he just fell down in some sort of distress, if there was something else that caused it, we don't know," said Captain Thomas Krantz, of North Tonawanda police.

North Tonawanda Police still have a lot of questions about what happened in the 900 block of Erie Avenue around 10:25 Monday night. Police say 53-year-old James Edel, was walking home from work. Investigators say they've talked to his family and that there was nothing out of the ordinary about Edel's behavior.

"He had texted his daughters he would be home a little bit later that evening he had to stop and get something from the store and he never made it home," Krantz said.

Police say a witness, driving by, saw Edel lying in the road.

"We have a witness who saw him moving in the roadway, trying to roll over," Krantz said.

But, before the witness could get close, police say Edel was ran over by a car that kept going. Police say the witness stopped traffic with his car and called 911. Edel was taken to a hospital, where he died.

Police tell us the driver who ran over Edel, told police he didn't know he hit someone and that the driver called police 30 minutes later concerned about what happened, after noticing front end damage to his car.

REPORTER: You guys probably asked, why did you keep driving?

"I'm not going to get into any details of what he said," Krantz said, "the district attorney will review the case when it's over they will decide if there are any pending charges for leaving the scene of an accident."

As police investigate, they're working with two theories of what may've happened to Edel -- that either he had a medical issue and fell into the road or was hit by a vehicle, before the accident. Police are asking anyone with information to come forward.

Police say they're getting video from businesses in the area. But, if there are any homeowners with surveillance systems, police say they'd be interested in your video and they ask you give them a call. Toxicology tests and an autopsy will be done. Edel used to be a local boy scout master and work at Battenfeld Grease and Oil Corporation.