NORTH TONAWANDA, NY — There's been a big fight going on in North Tonawanda about emergency dispatch services.

The city switched to the Niagara County 911 system five years ago, but since the change, some people in North Tonawanda have said that it has made response times slower and put people at risk.

After months of debate, city and county officials announced a five-year deal Friday that would have the county run a separate dispatch channel for North Tonawanda police.

The county will also have to hire new dispatchers to run it.

“We had two goals: to protect the lives of our citizens and the lives of our police officers,” said Jeff Glatz, Alderman-at-Large, R-North Tonawanda in a statement. “This agreement does both. It ensures quick response times in a densely-populated city, while relying on our county to provide a direct benefit to city taxpayers that help fund our Sheriff’s Office.”