Buffalo Fire were met early Wednesday morning with a fire at 49 Allegany Street in South Buffalo, but reported no occupants were caught in the fire.

Division Chief Peter Kertzie said the call came in around 3:30am, with advance notice that a car was in the driveway, which led fighters to believe there was someone inside.

“Even if somebody tells us nobody is in the house, we still need to know that nobody is in the house, so we like to go in and look for ourselves,” Kertzie said.

Overhead wires made aerial attacks impossible, but firefighters were able to report shortly after that no occupants were inside, and the previously reported car was gone.

Kertzie said he had no initial indication on whether the fire was suspicious or how it started.

Early estimates on damage for the building are at least $100,000, and Kertzie said he will likely be requesting demolition of the house.