LEWISTON, N.Y. -- A Niagara University graduate had much more than receiving her diploma to be excited about Saturday.

Natalia Buitrago, who graduated from the School of Education, hadn't seen her brother Jamie for the past three years. Jamie was serving in the U.S. Navy in Cambodia and had told Natalia he would not be able to make it to her graduation.

Saturday, Jamie surprised Natalia as she received her diploma.

"I was completely shocked," Natalia said. "It was overwhelming. I was speechless. I wanted him here so bad and I knew he said he couldn't and then to see him be there, it was just everything I could have ever wished for."

"I'm just really happy that I got to surprise her and be here for this special moment," Jamie said.

Natalia plans to become an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher.