NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. - A group of students at Niagara Falls High School is getting a lesson that can't be taught out of a book.

Each morning, they spend several hours working in their student-run business, "Groovie Smoothie" -- a small booth near the cafeteria that sells smoothies, coffee, and low-fat cookies.

The grab-and-go cafe has a retro vibe with its 70s decor, and the menu is in line with the school's goal of providing healthier options.

The school has had a coffee shop for 15 years, but it wasn't until this year that they tweaked the menu and began offering lower sugar and lower calorie options.

Students say change can be tough for some, but so far, the healthier offerings are pretty popular with students and teachers.

The students use the skills they learn in other classes to help them run "Groovie Smoothie." They are in charge of everything, from recipes and inventory to bookkeeping, cash flow and marketing.

Their teachers say acting as business owners gives the students real world experience. They're improving their people skills and problem solving.

They don't earn a paycheck, but they get points they can use like cash to pay for sporting equipment, yearbooks or prom tickets. If they score at least an 80% in the class, they are eligible to receive college credit at Niagara County Community College.